Brush Affair Collection 12 Makeup Brush Set In Powder Blue

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The Brush Affair Collection is a complete collection of luxury cosmetics brushes utilized by the professionals. Each colourful brush caters to a unique demand no matter what look you?re attempting to achieve. This particular set has twelve gorgeous brushes, each one with a matte dark ferrule, and synthetic bristles, excellent for putting on equally dry and liquid products. All twelve brushes fit perfectly together in an equally colourful situation that could fold up and be secured with magnets, making this particular set perfect for travel.This set includes the next brushes:1. Flat Top Buffer 2. Angled Blush 3. Powder 4. Foundation 5. Medium Shadow 6. Angled Shadow 7. Blending Shadow 8. Concealer 9. Medium Liner Brow 10. Angled Liner 11. Tapered Blending 12. Information Shadow

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